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The Loricca Difference

Loricca specializes in tailoring solutions to meet your cybersecurity needs.  As an MSSP,   Loricca brings decades of experience delivering cybersecurity, compliance and technology solutions to help organizations of all sizes protect against current and future threats.

When you choose Loricca, benefitting from our team’s richly diverse background protecting sensitive data and business operations. Our expertise includes startups, small business, healthcare, national defense, banking, telecom, finance, government, insurance,  media, and retail.

Opt for Loricca and experience a seamless, adaptive approach to safeguarding your organization’s digital landscape.



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What Our Clients Say


“Loricca always shows that they genuinely care. “

T.P., Health Advocates

“We have been working with Lorrica for almost 10 years on different projects, and we are very impressed with the breadth of security knowledge that Loricca brings to the table.  More importantly, Lorrica is not a cookie-cutter security firm.  They provide scalable services that can adjust to the specific needs of our company, and the price we are quoted is the price we get, without hidden add-ons.  We appreciate the personalized attention we receive from their analysts. Loricca always shows that they genuinely care.”


“You are a true partner and part of the team, you care about our shared success and work hard to help us get there. “

Dr. Tran Tu Huynh, Opticsurg, Inc.

“Loricca provides expertise and reliability  to our team. What sets them apart is their patience to help us understand and prioritize our limited resources. You are a true partner and part of the team, you care about our shared success and work hard to help us get there.”


“In this space, you need someone whose opinion you can trust…Loricca will give you that. “

Andrew Stead, HIPPO Technologies

“Having a knowledgeable, trusted expert on hand when dealing with non-standard situations has been a huge benefit to my company and I. Loricca has aided us with security questions from potential new business partners. Loricca offers a more tailored approach to what we need rather than a one size fits all. In this space, you need someone whose opinion you can trust, that will stand up to future scrutiny. Loricca will give you that.”

Featured Solutions





Security Awareness Training


Who We Are


Loricca is a Managed Security Services Provider with in-depth knowledge of the latest cybersecurity issues that most businesses face.  As a trusted security partner, we deliver the most innovative managed security services to lighten your load.

Our experience includes extensive healthcare industry, federal, state, and county governments, media, retail, finance, software, and medical device manufacturing organizations.

Managed Security Services


Co-managed security solutions can complement your existing security infrastructure.  

Employ a team of security experts with the skills, knowledge, and experience needed to monitor and respond to the most sophisticated cyber threats. 

Is your system prepared for an attack? 

Security Awareness


Prepare your employees to recognize and neutralize potential security attacks.  Periodic security training is the best way to change behavior.

Human error is a factor in most of today's data breaches.  Make education, training and prevention part of your security awareness strategy. 

Ask about our Phishing Testing. 

Why Managed Security Services

As your business grows, so does its digital footprint and the strain of protecting your IT systems and data. Cybersecurity is complex and requires expertise to run an effective security program. Ensure compliance, stay secure, and get actionable insights with Loricca’s managed security solutions.

We not only monitor and detect threats 24/7; we respond and help you recover. Work with a trusted managed services security provider today and reduce stress by alleviating the burden of securing your business while leveraging economies of scale.


Is your company HIPAA Compliant?

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Read success stories from organizations that have mitigated the risks of security breaches, hacks and more, saving them from costly damage control and downtime.


Get answers to important questions about HIPAA compliance, PCI, IT Security and technical vocabulary. Our FAQs are designed to help you learn how to keep your organization compliant and protected.


Explore our library of helpful tools to learn more ways you can keep your organization compliant and protected from the cybersecurity risks of today and tomorrow.
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