As most of you are aware, the month of October has been officially dubbed the National Cyber Security Awareness Month, sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security.  Shouldn’t cyber security awareness occur every month?  As the volume of cyber threats increases, hackers continue targeting governments, businesses, schools, home users—essentially anyone who is online.  This month is jam packed with events in all of the major cities.  For a list of the current events in your city, click here.

As we cross the midpoint of the month we want to share some interesting information about cyber-attacks with you.

  • Last year, Cyber Crime victims lost more than 400 Million Dollars.
  • Each and every day, there are 75 million email scams sent around the globe.
  • 73% of all Americans have been a victim of a cyber-attack.
  • When leaving employers 59% of employees steal information.
  • The United States Navy sees 110,000 cyber-attacks each hour.

There is a wealth of information trending around the web right now and it is a great opportunity to catch up on your security perspective moving into next year.

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