Month: October 2013

Healthcare Check-up: The Anatomy of a Risk Assessment

Over a month ago the HIPAA OMNIBUS Rule became enforceable, spawning a number of vertical industries that now must be held accountable for regulatory compliance with the applicable requirements of the final rule.  Many of these organizations are in need of a Security Risk Assessment and Gap Analysis to define where they lie in relation … Continued

What Does a Breach Really Cost? 2 Laptops = $3 Million Settlement

In 2011 there was an employee of AvMed Corporation in Florida that managed to steal 2 laptops from the company’s corporate location.  On the laptop there was roughly 1.2 million patient’s personally identifiable information.  This information was used to obtain bank accounts and credit cards for an undisclosed number of these patients. AvMed was ordered … Continued

Virtual School Information Security Concerns

With Virtual Schools on the Rise, Student Information Security is in Question Around the country there is a growing population of young people attending E-school or Online School programs.  These programs are designed to provide students the ability to learn at their own pace while in many cases still staying connected to a physical school … Continued

HIPAA Business Associates: How to Evaluate Who’s Who

On September 23rd, 2013 the HIPAA OMNIBUS Rule went into full effect assigning further responsibility for the safety and security of PHI, ePHI, PII and ePII and reaching further than ever before.  Being identified as a Business Associate (BA), or having to identify Business Associates and ensuring their compliance has now become a major priority for many … Continued

10th Anniversary of the Cyber Security Awareness Month: The Midway Point

As most of you are aware, the month of October has been officially dubbed the National Cyber Security Awareness Month, sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security.  Shouldn’t cyber security awareness occur every month?  As the volume of cyber threats increases, hackers continue targeting governments, businesses, schools, home users—essentially anyone who is online.  This month is … Continued

10 Ways to Avoid the Negative Effects of Social Engineering

Social Engineering – gaining unauthorized information by deception, including fraudulent activities meant to gain access to computer systems that are protected by passwords, user IDs, etc. Social Engineering is one of the most overlooked vulnerabilities for security breaches since it relies mostly on human interaction rather than technical/cyber methods and code.  Many victims of social engineering do not even realize that … Continued

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