Month: January 2014

Evolutionary Malware, Avoid the Lockout!

It is hard to imagine doing business, maintaining patient records, reading the news, sharing photos or even socializing these days without utilizing computers to research, store, and update our important information. It goes without saying that our computers and networks store a lot of critical data that we simply expect to be available as we … Continued

Bring Your Own Device: Maintaining Security with “BYOD”

Mobile devices can play a vital role in the effectiveness and efficiency of workflow; however, they can also pose a serious threat to the security of sensitive information. The beauty of mobile devices is just that; they are mobile. If you are running late, or are out of the office, you can still be productive … Continued

Keep the Doors Locked: Password Management Tools

In November of last year, Loricca posted an article titled Lock the Doors: 3 Keys to Superior Password Management.  In our article we discussed the specific anatomy of a secure password.  Creating a strong and secure password is critical to maintaining both confidentiality and integrity of your secure data.  Unfortunately, creating and maintaining multiple lengthy complex … Continued

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