Month: May 2014

Demise of TrueCrypt Encryption Leaves More Questions than Answers

The security world is in an uproar after yesterday’s news that TrueCrypt is unsafe, compromised, or simply discontinued. Whatever has really been discovered or transpired with the popular open source encryption tool, all we have now is a sketchy announcement and wild speculation. Our immediate concern is that misleading, premature, or even dangerous advice is flying … Continued

eBay Attack has Password Security on Your Employees’ Minds

Every time another bad news story breaks about a large brand’s network being attacked, passwords hacked, or customer data exposed, I get questions from friends and acquaintances who know that I know a thing or two about IT security. If you are in an IT, security, or compliance role in your organization, you probably get the same … Continued

What Hospitals Need to Know (and DO) about Vulnerable Medical Devices

On the popular tv show Homeland, Vice President Walden’s hacked pacemaker became the weapon for his assassination. In an interview last year, former Vice President Dick Cheney confirmed that the possibility of his pacemaker being hacked had been discussed and the device’s wireless access had been disabled to prevent such an attack on his life. Still, this … Continued

OCR to Healthcare Providers: “Do We Have Your Attention?”

If the $1.7 Million penalty announced recently by OCR didn’t get your attention, how does $4.8 Million sound? In the Department of Health and Human Services’ greatest fine levied to date, two partner healthcare organizations settled with an agreement to pay what, at first blush, may seem to be an exorbitant fine. With OCR compliance audits set to resume later this … Continued

Healthcare data, almost like money!

The Real Cyber Attack Risk To Healthcare Data We’re a long way down the line from those initial money scams emanating from deepest Africa or those “amazing investment opportunity in Togo” emails that caught out a few unwary souls during the initial years of the web. These days, cybercriminals are more steadfastly focused on harvesting … Continued

You’ve Got This . . . Stay Confident in the Face of Bad IT Security News

3 Lessons to Learn from the Internet Explorer Vulnerability News Despite the best efforts of government agencies, corporations, and consumers, it seems that every day there is news of systems hacked, data compromised, and glitches in software and online tools that we rely upon. Last week, a zero-day vulnerability was discovered in Internet Explorer – a weakness … Continued

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