Month: June 2014

How Safe is that Free Download?

We have the world at our fingertips. For better or worse, there is really nothing that cannot be found on the internet. With that ever-expanding access come dangers, there will always be nefarious types seeking to deceive or take advantage of trusting people online. This is nothing new and, if you are technically inclined, this … Continued

Penetration Testing for Maximum Security

In the 2013 Stallone/Schwarzenegger movie, “Escape Plan,” Stallone plays a guy who literally wrote the book on prison design and security. He is paid to go into prisons under cover and try to break out. He looks for any flaw, weakness, or vulnerable area he can use to escape and reports his finding back to … Continued

Choosing the Penetration Testing Option Right for Your Business

A recent study revealed the risk factors most weighing on retailers include the mainstay issues related to the economy, labor, and politics like minimum wage, consumer confidence, and government regulation. These have remained constant concerns for the retail industry over the last five years. But concerns surrounding security breaches have skyrocketed to the list of top ten … Continued

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