Month: August 2014

Incident Response: Plan Now and Stay Prepared

If you have ever experienced an IT security breach, you know that time is of the essence. The more quickly you can catch the breach, identify the problem, and stop the access, the less damage you will have to deal with. If a security incident were to occur today or tomorrow, you would need to think on your feet. … Continued

Mobile Security Tips: Work Safely from the Coffee Shop

The dangerous “Backoff” malware has been found to attack point of sale (POS) systems by gaining unauthorized access to the company’s network by exploiting weaknesses in common remote access tools. The threat that your company’s network could face from your employees’ remote access, however, runs much deeper and wider than just Backoff. A 2012 experiment found … Continued

HIPAA Grace Period Ends as Audits Begin for Business Associates

When we were kids it seemed like Christmas was always so far away. The older we get, the faster time seems to fly by. For many organizations that were granted a one year grace period for compliance with the Omnibus HIPAA Final Rule regarding Business Associate Agreements (BAAs), the last year may have gone by much … Continued

Be Realistic About Remote Access

The added efficiency and convenience of allowing employees remote access to your corporate network to be able to work from home or on the road is something many of us have come to rely on in our busy lives. Working with contractors who may literally be anywhere in the world has opened doors for increased … Continued

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