Month: September 2014

More Clarity in HIPAA. Be Careful What You Ask For!

App developers are asking the Department of Health and Human Services to clarify the rules regarding HIPAA in the mobile health marketplace. Many have complained over the years about ambiguity, vagueness, and unanswered questions in HIPAA but I, for one, have rather appreciated the flexibility HIPAA provides health care providers, organizations, and business associates to embrace the … Continued

HIPAA Audits Postponed but OCR is Still Serious About Enforcement

Update: HIPAA Round Two Audits Postponed Early in 2014, the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Civil Rights announced a second round of Compliance Audits set to kick off in the fall. As summer has flown by and we find ourselves barreling head first toward the holidays, and the promised audits have not begun. Last … Continued

Security Tip: Lock Your Computer, Make it a Habit!

Many security incidents or even breaches are not caused by sophisticated, malicious hackers but by innocent oversight, carelessness, or lack of understanding of security processes and company policies. Ultimately, the worst IT security incident to deal with is the one you know could easily have been prevented. I am optimistic enough about people to not expect my … Continued

Back to Network Security Basics

Last week, I wrote an article addressing the concept of “assumption of breach” and, as if to put a big shining spotlight on that idea, in one short week, we have learned that JP Morgan (along with other unnamed banks) and Home Depot have both been victims of massive breaches of customers’ personal and financial data. Incredibly, … Continued

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