Month: October 2014

Avoiding the Most Common Compliance Issues to Trigger an OCR Investigation

We have seen numerous indications over the last several months that the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Civil Rights, the agency responsible for enforcing HIPAA regulations, plans to take an increasingly aggressive approach to enforcement. Throughout 2014, fines and penalties levied for HIPAA violations have been increasing in a clear attempt to draw … Continued

Avoid Rogue Mobile Apps

Your company, like most these days, is probably benefiting greatly from the new flexibility and mobility of your employees. They can be connected virtually 24/7 and the lines between work and personal time are blurred. There is good and bad to this but there is no disputing the opportunity for increased productivity is good for … Continued

Cyber Hygiene Checkup: Keeping Your Network Healthy

Earlier this year, the Internet Security Alliance (ISA) released a report reflecting the management of cyber risk back to basic cyber hygiene.  It has been long held as conventional wisdom that 80% of security breaches could be prevented by the most basic security measures. Citing studies done by Verizon and the US Secret Service, the ISA report … Continued

Researchers Sound the Alarm on Mobile App Security

In several reports and statements by Gartner Analysts in recent months, red flags have gone up pointing to coming problems resulting from inadequate mobile application security. Indications for Mobile App Security Trends Full Security Scans, Not Just QA Testing Last month, Gartner released news that an estimated 75% of mobile applications will fail basic security tests … Continued

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