Month: November 2014

The Big Lesson to Learn from Security Breaches of 2014: Vigilance

As the weather turns colder (even here in Florida) and we head into the holiday season, it inevitable that we would reflect on the year that is winding down. It may seem early for an “end of the year” or 2014 recap post but, in IT security, the slew of bad news and high profile breaches that … Continued

Are Your Employees’ Passwords Secure?

Password security seems like common sense. If you work in IT or security, you hopefully employ common best practices consistently and understand the importance of good password habits. Research continues to show, however, that not everyone understands and applies such best practices. SplashData’s 2013 list of worst passwords still includes such obviously risky passwords such as 123456, … Continued

Encryption for Your Critical and At Risk Systems

Where You Must, Might, and May Not Need to Use Encryption Recent regulatory enforcement action has provided poignant examples of the damage even one unencrypted laptop can do to a company or organization. In April of this year, the US Department of Health and Human Services fined two healthcare organizations just under $2M in cases resulting from the loss … Continued

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