Month: April 2015

Widespread Connectivity = Widespread Risk, Potentially!

The new drug abuse: ‘changing the bumpers’ on computerized drug-infusion pumps As human beings, our connection points to the so-called Internet of Things are still forming and developing and, in some cases, giving rise to security concerns.  We use this Internet of Things (IoT) term to classify everything from: So-called ‘wearable’ Fitbit-style health tracker devices … Continued

Understand Risk to Evaluate Your Cyber Insurance Needs and Reduce Costs

Reports of data breaches and cyber attacks are all too commonplace. In recent news of the Heartbleed bug that has been discovered in OpenSSL encryption software, we see that even companies who are doing “everything right” can be open to unforeseen gaps in security that threaten their compliance and the integrity of vital systems. Cybersecurity Addressed by … Continued

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