Month: May 2015

Has personalization touched healthcare technology yet?

Open Source Personalization, Not Without Risks Everybody understands the term ‘personalized healthcare’, it’s what we have naturally come to expect in the new age of consumerization, Customer Relationship Management and choice. Equally, everybody (these days) understands personalization in the context of the way we use our computing devices from desktops to smartphones. Users at all … Continued

If Your Laptop Were Lost or Stolen

If your laptop went missing tomorrow, misplaced or stolen, what would you do? What could it cost you if your personal and professional data were compromised, possibly in the hands of hackers or identity thieves? Misplaced, unencrypted portable devices are one of the most common sources for data breaches and security incidents that cost US companies and individuals billions … Continued

Just About Everybody You Can Think of Is Excited About The CLOUD

Clinically Speaking, What Shouldn’t You Do In The Cloud? Software companies, device manufacturers, Internet services specialists and just about everybody you can think of is excited about the cloud. For the record, there is of course no ‘actual cloud’ – but it’s a nice expression to explain how web-connected data-centers now serve us with a … Continued

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