Month: August 2015

Has Your Risk Assessment Hit the Mark?

When we work with new clients who have come to us because they have experienced a data breach or security incident, they often express frustration because they thought they had taken the necessary steps to secure their systems and data only to learn the hard way that something may have been missed. More often than not, … Continued

The Business Case for Proactive IT Security and Compliance

As an executive in healthcare, eCommerce, or any industry relying heavily on data and technology (that includes just about everything) you are faced with difficult decisions every day. You know you cannot do everything you would like to do or even everything you should do – at least not today. You face a constant battle … Continued

HIPAA Business Associate Breakdown

Business Associate, Yes or No? The HIPAA Privacy Rule requires Covered Entities to take certain steps to ensure that contractors and vendors requiring access to Protected Health Information (PHI) manage and use that information safely and responsibly. Such a vendor or contractor, of course, is called a “business associate” (BA). While most of us think we … Continued

Run Scans to Keep Software and Tools Current

Even the top of the line security system will not protect your network or critical data if it becomes outdated. Many people do not realize the changes that can take place and the updates that can be missed in the time between a new computer being boxed and shipped to the store and then being … Continued

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