Month: September 2015

Teach Employees the Risks that Come with Removable Storage

In life and business today we have the luxury of technology that provides unprecedented convenience and productivity.  But some of the same tools that help us do more also threaten our security and could potentially undo all our hard work. Wherever your company’s critical data or client/patient personal data can be stored or accessed, you … Continued

HIPAA Compliance as a Marketing Tool

If your company provides services within the healthcare industry that qualify it as a Business Associate (BA), the extra requirements of the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules can actually work in your company’s favor. When your sales agents and account managers are able to speak to your company’s compliance efforts and data security, prospects are reassured that your … Continued

Are Cyber Security Risks Overstated?

Our Loricca team is based in Tampa, Florida. We happen to be in the middle of a (thankfully) light hurricane season. We like to tell ourselves we are not really at risk. Maybe that’s what people in California tell themselves about earthquakes. I often hear the same sentiment from executives and IT leaders about their … Continued

Every Employee is an MVP to Your Incident Response Team

If (when) your company encounters an IT security incident or data breach, you will need every employee ready to respond quickly and effectively as appropriate for their position. Hopefully you have an incident response plan in place and your IT team is alert and has practiced and prepared to execute that plan when necessary. Do not overlook those outside … Continued

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