Month: December 2015

Looking Forward to an Exciting New Year for Cybersecurity

Standing on the verge of another New Year, it is a tremendous time to work in IT Security. For several years, most of our clients have been primarily motivated by compliance concerns to implement and document best practices for securing critical data and systems against hackers, theft, and loss. Approaching 2016, I sense a shift in understanding … Continued

Stay Safe Shopping Online

With high profile breaches in the news regularly, consumers have an increased awareness of online dangers and the constantly evolving tactics of cyber criminals out to steal their data. But does this heightened awareness translate to more secure online habits? Too often, old habits are hard to break, convenience trumps security, or people simply succumb … Continued

Retailers and Consumers Face Holiday Shopping Risks

With the holiday shopping season in full swing, security experts, retailers and shoppers alike face the coming weeks with vivid memories of the Target holiday breach two years ago and the series of hacks and data theft we have seen since. It comes down to each of us to be on alert and to be … Continued

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