Month: May 2016

Your Cyber Security Hat Trick

Even after the Tampa Bay Lightning won the Stanley Cup in 2004, many people still seem surprised that there’s hockey in Florida – great hockey! Hockey in Tampa Bay, where Loricca is based, is a big deal.  From the little guys through high school and, of course, the Bolts. We don’t really understand why, when … Continued

Ransomware And Healthcare

Is your healthcare organization at risk? Ransomware is not going away in 2017—Life Threatening to the Healthcare Industry. Previously: “The Reality of Ransomware in 2016” Ransomware in 2017 is a sophisticated type of malware that is persistently targeting the healthcare industry.  Reports indicate that attacks are growing at a shocking rate and the tools used … Continued

Incident Response 101: Who is Required to Report a Breach?

We know you have questions. In Part One of a planned series of articles to look at the basic considerations of Incident Response best practices, let’s start with understanding who is required to report a security incident to regulatory authorities, government agencies, or consumers/patients. In follow-up articles, we will also review when an incident must … Continued

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