Month: August 2019

Why You Should Make Locking Your Computer a Habit

Many security incidents or even breaches are not caused by sophisticated, malicious hackers but by innocent oversight, carelessness, or lack of understanding of security processes and company policies. Ultimately, the worst IT security incident to deal with is the one you know could easily have been prevented. I am optimistic enough about people to not expect my … Continued

How Much Will a Healthcare Data Breach Cost Your Company?

Healthcare data breaches have a large impact on the companies that are attacked. Not only do they cause a financial crisis and upset, but also they also affect the reputation your company has built. See the statistics of healthcare data breach below and learn how you can keep your company protected by implementing an Incidence … Continued

4 Elements of a Strong Security Policy

An effective security management program relies on various moving parts in a concerted effort to build a formidable organizational security posture.  At the foundation of this comprehensive program must be strong documented security policies that reflect the risk appetite of your organization, while providing relevant meaningful direction and value to your organization’s workforce.   What … Continued

Ensure HIPAA Compliance by Updating Malware Protection Software

The easiest way to avoid being the victim of a computer virus or malware that can steal or hold hostage your valuable information is to not make yourself vulnerable in the first place. Just like home security, thieves will look for the unlocked door or the house without a security system. There are too many easy targets … Continued

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