Month: September 2019

Cybersecurity Training in Healthcare Offers Disappointing Stats

A recent article at discussed some disappointing stats regarding cybersecurity training in Healthcare. The article “24% of US Health Employees Never Received Cybersecurity Training” highlighted an alarming number of workers in Healthcare are undereducated or lack basic cybersecurity knowledge. They found 24% of US employees had not received any cybersecurity training and 40% were … Continued

7 Steps for Building HIPAA Compliance

How can your company stay HIPAA compliant? Follow these 7 steps to ensure that you are following the necessary procedures to protect your organization’s reputation and data. Are you missing a step or do you need help building compliance? We can help you conduct security risk assessments (SRA); address privacy and compliance changes, and safeguard … Continued

After a HIPAA Breach: Documenting and Reporting

In the first two installments of this series discussing the next steps HIPAA regulated organizations must take after a security breach. So far, we have looked at: Who is Required to Report a Breach? When Do You Need to Report a Breach? Next, let’s discuss what is to be reported following a data breach in … Continued

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