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As the global managed services market continues to grow, most organizations aren’t asking whether cloud infrastructure and applications make sense, but rather, what processes and additional resources are needed to move forward and how the transition can be completed efficiently and with the right expertise.

Managing a cloud platform alone is a complex and time-consuming endeavor. It becomes more complicated when organizations lack the knowledge and resources to manage their cloud infrastructure.  This is where Managed Cloud Services come in.

A Managed Cloud Service Provider (MSSP) takes care of your cloud environment to ensure it is regularly monitored, maintained, and updated. They are seasoned experts who partner with your IT team to take care of your cloud environment, freeing resources, so that you can focus more time on your core business.  

Top 6 Benefits of Managed Cloud Services 

  1. Reduced Operational Costs: MSSPs help organizations reduce costs by optimizing their cloud environments and providing the expertise required. Cost savings are obtained by identifying underutilized resources, and optimizing the investment through cost monitoring and alerting with automation.
  2. Increased Security and Compliance: Security breaches and compliance audits are the two major categories where IT troubles begin. An MSSP can help organizations ensure their cloud infrastructure is secure and compliant, by monitoring potential threats and vulnerabilities, implementing security measures to mitigate risk, and ensuring industry regulations and standards are being met. Security operations center (SOC) monitoring can address problems before end-users know a problem exists.
  3. Improved Performance: Managing cloud infrastructure can be cumbersome, leading to higher costs and frustration. A one-stop-shop MSSP can offer a wide range of services under one roof. Organizations will realize improved performance and availability by proactively monitoring and optimizing their cloud environment. 
  4. Cloud Expertise: MSSPs will provide the expertise and knowledge required to build or migrate your environment. Ongoing management assures that the environment is operating to meet the requirements for confidentially, integrity, and availability.
  5. Accelerated Response Time: MSSPs are available 24/7 providing quick response times and enterprise-level monitoring. Organizations can rely on managed cloud experts to provide the skills required for quick resolution of issues.
  6. Disaster Recovery: MSSPs can support your disaster recovery process, ensuring minimal downtime. In the event of an unexpected disaster, it is critical to have a recovery plan in place for business continuity and to safeguard and retrieve data.

At Loricca, we have the expertise needed to manage your cloud services. We are committed to helping organizations leverage custom cloud solutions to reduce costs and automate critical processes. Let us set up your cloud environment so you can focus on growing your organization.

About Loricca

Loricca offers multiple cybersecurity tools to combat cyber threats. We work with your IT teams to ensure the right tools are integrated throughout your network and technology environments, from cloud data storage to endpoint devices. Contact us today to learn more about our Managed Cloud Services.


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