About Loricca

we protect your business from sophisticated cyber threats

The Loricca Difference

Loricca is a leading Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) with in-depth knowledge of the latest cybersecurity issues most businesses face. Our team’s diverse cybersecurity expertise and commitment to fostering innovation sets us apart from other providers. We offer a unique perspective and seamlessly integrate with your IT team to help you prioritize and meet compliance and security goals.

Who is Loricca?

As your business grows, so does your digital footprint and the need to protect your IT systems and data. Loricca is a leading provider of cybersecurity services that enables companies of all sizes to reduce and manage cyber risk.

Cybersecurity is complex. We live and conduct business in an ever-changing digital landscape. Cybercriminals are looking to exploit any weakness. To effectively combat security threats, we deploy the most innovative technologies and strategies to secure our clients’ IT infrastructure.

As a trusted security partner since 2004, we provide a comprehensive suite of security services including:

  • Security monitoring and incident response
  • Threat intelligence and vulnerability management
  • Compliance auditing and reporting
  • Security training and awareness
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity planning

Meet our CEO

Michael Whitcomb

Michael Whitcomb is the CEO and founder of Loricca. Michael has more than 25 years of experience in information technology (IT) security and has held technical and managerial positions in the private and public sectors. He has successfully managed and actively participated in a multitude of IT security consulting projects for a variety of organizations and agencies and numerous healthcare organizations.

Who We Serve

Loricca serves businesses across a variety of industries. If your business must meet compliance regulations for information security, has access to private, personal information, or creates and possesses proprietary information or intellectual property, we need to talk. Loricca specializes in helping to protect your company’s reputation before it is compromised.

Our goal is to keep you protected from the cybersecurity risks of today and tomorrow by delivering high-quality work on time and on budget.

Still Not Convinced?



“Loricca Team Members were true professionals that delivered what was promised in the time that it was promised. We are also very impressed with the deliverables and effort shown by each team member.”




“One of the best assessments we have ever seen. “



” We liked the one-to-one explanation and time spent with leadership and management to understand the assessment process and the explanation of the outcomes. “



Our Team

When working with Loricca, you have the collective strength of a team of experienced cybersecurity professionals.

Our goal is to deliver cost-effective & actionable results.

We hire talented, passionate people who have experience in organizations just like yours.






What does Loricca mean?

Latin for a ‘Knight’s Service,’ a theme that embodies integrity and reliability, Loricca upholds these principles today as a leading IT Security vendor for healthcare organizations and their vendors nationwide.

Is your company secure?

Why organizations trust us


Streamlined security risk assessments that maximize productivity and performance.

Loricca is a services provider specializing in cybersecurity for healthcare and other organizations with compliance and security needs. Based on national standards (NIST CSF), our assessment methodology is streamlined to maximize our productivity and minimize disruption. Rather than focusing on quantity, our Actionable Findings focus on quality fixes and includes clear next steps for remediation while addressing total risk & impact. Designed with you in mind, our streamlined risk assessments include all of the information you need and nothing that you don’t.


Highly responsive service and urgent resolutions that limit disruption.

In the IT security industry where most needs are urgent, Loricca provides timely and flexible solutions. As a cybersecurity services provider, we’re committed to extreme responsiveness and attentive service that urgently resolves your issues. Beyond customer service, we commit to completing risk assessments in just 6-10 weeks with project management, preparation guides and a diligent work ethic that limits disruption.


Proven methods demonstrating your commitment to quality.

In response to increasing federal & state regulations, Loricca provides organizations and their vendors with the tools and processes required to demonstrate compliance, privacy and cybersecurity best practices.  Tailored to your needs these processes facilitate remediation, budget forecasting and demonstration of the best risk management practices.  In the potential case of an audit or breach investigation our processes have proven to provide the necessary evidence of your compliance program.


Over 40 years of industry experience and knowledge.

As a leading security and compliance service provider, we’re committed to providing our customers with the world-class service they expect, and when they need it.   Beyond customer service, we commit to completing projects on time and on budget with the quality promised.   We do this through two decades of experience with project management and a proven methodology.


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