We are a HIPAA compliance provider, specializing in security risk assessments that keep healthcare organizations and their vendors compliant and protected from the cybersecurity risks of today and tomorrow. We do this by delivering streamlined risk assessments with specific findings, supported by credible letters of attestation, fast and responsive service and an experienced team.

Built on the Principles of Integrity, Reliability & a Desire to Do Right

Loricca was founded in 2004 by Michael Whitcomb, an IT security services professional with a rich background in telecom, security, software and government. His vision to build a company that offered services to other professionals who valued quality work quickly grew into Loricca. Latin for ‘Knight’s Service,’ a theme that embodies integrity and reliability, Loricca upholds these principles today as a leading HIPAA compliance provider for healthcare organizations and their vendors nationwide.

Why Organizations Trust Us

Streamlined security risk assessments that maximize productivity and performance
Loricca is a HIPAA compliance provider specializing in security risk assessments for healthcare organizations and their vendors. Based on national standards, our HIPAA View Assessment® is streamlined to maximize our productivity on-site. Rather than focusing on quantity fixes, our Actionable Findings Report focuses on quality fixes, and includes clear next steps for remediation while measuring total impact value. Designed with you in mind, our streamlined risk assessments include all of the information you need and nothing that you don’t.

Highly responsive service and urgent resolutions that limit disruption
In the IT security industry where most needs are urgent, Loricca is provides timely and flexible solutions. As a HIPAA compliance provider that also delivers cybersecurity services, we’re committed to extreme responsiveness and attentive service that urgently resolves your issues. Beyond customer service, we commit to completing risk assessments in just six to ten weeks with project management, preparation guides and a diligent work ethic that limits disruption.

Compliance specialists with government and healthcare experience
Loricca is built on the principles of integrity and reliability, empowering you to feel confident that your compliance is handled right. Our team of cybersecurity specialists regularly renews and seeks certifications while also maintaining rich backgrounds in government and healthcare. Each day, we put technical acumen and first-hand knowledge about your operation to use by ensuring our assessments meet every regulation and by reviewing any and all potential risks that your healthcare or vendor organization may be facing.

Letters of attestation demonstrating your commitment to HIPAA compliance
In response to HIPAA and HITECH federal regulations, Loricca provides healthcare organizations and their vendors with credible letters of attestation following our HIPAA View Assessment®. In the potential case of an audit or to simply provide patients with added assurance that their personal information is secure, our letter of attestation is a credible stamp of approval certifying that your organization passed a third-party security risk assessment at both the organizational and technical level.

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