How does the Adobe Security Breach Affect Your Organization?

Adobe Security Breach May effect Businesses Worldwide

Recently, Adobe Systems announced that upwards of 38 Million Active User IDs were compromised during the Adobe Security Breach earlier this month.  The original estimate of 2.9 Million IDs was multiplied by 13 or more times when the final tally was announced.

Adobe Security BreachOrganizations worldwide have relied on Adobe systems for many of their flagship products such as Adobe Reader, and Adobe Acrobat which were both compromised.  Being the most widely adopted PDF file viewer and creator may not be playing to the favor of adobe at this point.  Many businesses have downloaded these programs and were required to create an Adobe ID (with sensitive personal information) to register the product.

The major Adobe Security Breach earlier this month has left a major gap in Security for many individuals and in many organizations that they may not even realize.  If your company has purchased anything through the adobe website, you are most likely vulnerable.  Though Adobe sent out emails to change your Adobe ID password, most of the data was already lost, unbeknownst to you and Adobe.  Even if you did change your password, the information was already obtained such as credit card information, billing address and name.  (Does an identity thief need much more than that to make an impact on your finances?)

What Can Adobe Do at this Point?

adobe hackerUnfortunately Adobe cannot do a lot to help the situation now.  Since the data was compromised and saved elsewhere, what the hackers obtained belongs to them now.  Even if we change our Adobe ID Passwords, the attackers still have our information.  This means that credit information obtained is still in the possession of the enemies, even though we may have taken minimal steps to “protect” Adobe and ourselves from further breach on the user end.  On another note, we have not encountered any information stating what Adobe plans to do in the future to prevent such events from occurring again.

What Can You Do To Protect Your Identity and Adobe ID?

We would highly recommend first checking into your Adobe ID Account.  If you have a credit card linked to your account you may want to call your card issuer to ensure that your card has not been used without authorization.  While speaking with them you may also want to cancel the card and have another issued.  Hopefully, you will not be a financial victim of this heinous crime.  Only time will tell the full spectrum of negative effects that will trickle down from this Security Breach.

If you have any concerns about your Organization’s IT Security and/or safety, please CONTACT US today for more information on how to protect yourself and your company.

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