Adobe Security Breach Update: Breach now reaches over 38 Million Accounts

Adobe hack reaches 38 million users!Adobe Back in the News

In an earlier post this month we discussed the Adobe Security Breach which was estimated to have affected 2.9 million user accounts.  In that post we discussed that the hackers were able to obtain personal and financial information off of those accounts.  Adobe’s response plan was to send out emails to all Adobe ID customers to reset passwords for further security measures.  Shortly after, Adobe announced that it had found its files stored on an un-encrypted server.

On Tuesday afternoon Adobe Spokesperson Heather Edell released the following statement:

“So far, our investigation has confirmed that the attackers obtained access to Adobe IDs and (what were the at the time valid), encrypted passwords for approximately 38 Million active users.

We have complete the email notification of these users.  We also have reset the passwords for all Adobe IDs with valid, encrypted passwords that we believe were involved in the incident- regardless of whether those users were active or not.”

Data Breach Goes from Bad, To Worse, To even Worse

blog adobe hackThe spokesperson also divulged that the source code for one of Adobe’s flagship products Photoshop had also been compromised.  The graphic design and photo editing program can now join Adobe Reader, Adobe Coldfusion, and Adobe Acrobat in the now growing list of affected products.  Adobe has also had security issues with many of these programs such as Photoshop CS5.  Though Adobe announced the security patch for this product, experts are still directing users to just buy CS6.

What can you do to protect yourself from this IT Security Breach?

First and foremost we recommend that you change all of your passwords connected to personally identifiable information (PII) or financial information.  If you have paid for a game on Facebook, change your password.  If you login to shopping sites like amazon, change your password.  Seems simple, but if you leave these channels vulnerable it is quite possible that they could be exploited to ruin you.

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