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HIPAA Compliance with Confidence

[icegram campaigns=”6393″]Federal HIPAA regulations require that periodic risk assessments be conducted for every healthcare organization that is covered under the regulation (“Covered Entities”) and every vendor that they do business with (“Business Associates”) that may come in contact with protected patient information.

A security risk assessment is your first step in becoming HIPAA compliant and protecting your organization’s data and information. Federal regulations are not specific, leaving the timing and manner of risk assessment up to each Covered Entity and Business Associate. This flexibility can be overwhelming for some organizations – for some it leaves room for avoidance.

Many companies expect their internal IT team to conduct the necessary security risk assessments. This is problematic as few have the expertise or the bandwidth as their day to day focus is dedicated to functionality and operations and allows no opportunity to pause for a thorough assessment. Putting off the needed assessment or conducting only a cursory review can leave your organization vulnerable to potential security risks or a costly data breach.

A third-party, external risk assessment allows your employees to stay focused on their day to day priorities, brings greater expertise to the table, and provides a fresh set of eyes into your systems to objectively identify potential issues.Risk Assessment Methodology

We liked the one-to-one explanation and time spent with leadership and management to understand the assessment process and the explanation of the outcomes”

Compliance Officer, Community Health Center of Snohomish County

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What Makes Our HIPAA Compliance Assessment Different?compliance status example

Clients often tell us that our Security Risk Assessment report is the most comprehensive, understandable, and user friendly report they have seen. We provide clear and actionable data that is thoroughly explained and documented in charts, graphs, and lists that are usable to your IT team but also easy for your C-Suite and Board members to quickly understand and support.

Ongoing Support and Tools

Following the completion of your organization’s risk assessment, in addition to ongoing remediation support that can be customized to your needs and your resources, you will have access to our exclusive HIPAA Self Assessment Tool. You can also take advantage of other tools in our Compliance Management System including:

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Vendor Risk Management

Incident Tracking & Response

Risk Management

Remediation Tracking

Conduct follow-up interim self-assessments to quickly reevaluate compliance stance and update documentation that could be critical to an audit or incident investigation. You can also monitor and verify the compliance of vendors (BAs).

How confident are you in your organization’s compliance?
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