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The Long Anticipated Next Round of HIPAA Audits Finally Taking Shape

We have been urging clients, covered entities and business associates to prepare for almost two years. As I have said many times, being prepared for an audit is more about taking the appropriate and responsible steps toward compliance and security than it is about the...

Avoiding the Most Common Compliance Issues to Trigger an OCR Investigation

We have seen numerous indications over the last several months that the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Civil Rights, the agency responsible for enforcing HIPAA regulations, plans to take an increasingly aggressive approach to enforcement....

OCR to Healthcare Providers: “Do We Have Your Attention?”

If the $1.7 Million penalty announced recently by OCR didn’t get your attention, how does $4.8 Million sound? In the Department of Health and Human Services’ greatest fine levied to date, two partner healthcare organizations settled with an agreement to pay what, at...
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