Cloud Infrastructure Security

Cybercrime costs extend beyond lost productivity to forensic investigations, legal guidance and more. The good news is that concrete steps exist to help you prevent those expenses and headaches from happening altogether.

Why you need us

Every day your company is vulnerable to cyber threats, attacks and intrusions, both internally and externally. The rapid evolution of technology and the increasing sophistication of cyber criminals present constant challenges for your IT security and compliance teams. Without certain programs, policies and training in place, your organization runs the risk of not just damaged data and a compromised reputation, but costly consequences. Cybercrime costs extend beyond downtime and lost productivity to stolen money both at the company or customer level, as well as theft of intellectual property and financial data, fraud and other direct losses. The aftermath can be expensive too, running up bills for forensic investigation, legal guidance, technical overhauls and more.

How we can help

Our Cybersecurity Program Assessment is a consultative engagement that includes our team assessing your organization’s cybersecurity measures at the highest level. We’ll evaluate your end-to-end IT security situation, examining what you have in place and identifying what you don’t. We’ll establish the concrete steps your organization needs to take to get your IT security to an optimal place, and will help you get management and other critical teams on board with the improvements. Based on your industry and datasets, we’ll tailor our assessment to your specific needs and circumstances and handpick the solutions you need to create an optimal and secure IT environment.

Our Cyber security program assessment

  • Reviews your personnel and organization structure
  • Assesses how you’re addressing major controls
  • Reviews your training programs and curriculum
  • Includes an assessment of your IT policies
  • Identifies the concrete steps you need to take

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