Cybersecurity program

Protecting sensitive information is a top priority for healthcare organizations and suppliers, especially with the recent rise of security breaches nationwide. Loricca can help combat cybersecurity complexity and fatigue.
Several factors contribute to the growing concern of cyber threats, such as the use of cloud-based storage, mobile access to sensitive data and more advanced tools at the disposal of cyber criminals. By reviewing the current and future state of a cybersecurity landscape, it provides clarity and assurance about cybersecurity that senior executives desire.


Loricca Cybersecurity Roadmap focuses on Risk Identification, Vulnerability Reduction, Threat Reduction, Consequence Mitigation and building resilience.  Our established set of security activities organized around the NIST Cybersecurity Framework five functions.

  • “Identify” Function: Asset Management, Business Environment, Governance, Risk Assessment, Risk Management Strategy, and Supply Chain Risk Management.
  • “Protect” Function: Access Control, Awareness and Training, Data Security, Information Protection Processes and Procedures, Maintenance, and Protective Technology.
  • “Detect” Function: Anomalies and Events, Security Continuous Monitoring, and Detection Processes.
  • “Respond” Function: Response Planning, Communications, Analysis, Mitigations, and Improvements.
  • “Recover” Function: Recovery Planning, Improvements, and Communications.

Lorrica can assist with developing your cybersecurity roadmap through automated, innovative, and secure solutions, with achievable goals, to meet your compliance requirements.

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