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Loricca is a national provider of IT Security and Compliance solutions.  Loricca teams with organizations to help them achieve their IT Security and Compliance goals.

We understand that each organization has unique challenges and needs.  A Security Risk Assessment is your first step in becoming HIPAA compliant and protecting your organization’s data and information. HIPAA requirements are not specific and leave room for interpretation.  This flexibility can be overwhelming for some organizations.

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The experts at Loricca have more than a decade of experience conducting HIPAA Security Risk Assessments. Known as providing the #1 comprehensive and actionable report defining compliance status and risk priorities.

Read more about how our experts conduct risk assessments.



View of ReportingSelf-Assessment

Need the flexibility of self-assessment to manage compliance.  Loricca’s experts have developed a new tool based on years of experience in assessments and creating actionable reports for ongoing compliance.

Read more about this HIPAA View and the reports our customers say are best in the industry.



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