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HIPAA/HITECH Security Risk Assessment

The experts at Loricca have more than 12 years experience conducting HIPAA/HITECH Security Risk Assessment for a wide range of customers in healthcare.  Known as providing the #1 comprehensive and actionable report defining compliance status and risk priorities.

Loricca’s Risk Assessment report stands apart from competitors as the most comprehensive, understandable, and user-friendly. With prioritized next steps, the report is ready to be presented to board members, company executives, and IT experts alike. This “Findings and Recommendations” report provides actionable data – thoroughly explained and documented in charts, graphs and lists – for clear understanding and support.

More about our process for conducting comprehensive HIPAA/HITECH Security Risk Assessments.

HIPAA/HITECH Security Risk Assessment Tools

“HIPAA View” for Self-Assessment

For organizations needing tools for self-assessment or ongoing management of compliance. Loricca  has applied its experience performing risk assessments in covered entities and business associates to create the best set of tools for HIPAA Security Risk Assessments and compliance management. HIPAA View cuts through the clutter of other assessment tools to provide the capabilities needed for HIPAA compliance. With HIPAA View, there’s no need to be overwhelmed by complicated federal requirements.

Find out more about HIPAA View and how it can be used in your organization.

HIPAA/HITECH Security Risk Assessment Questions

Questions on HIPAA/HITECH Regulations?

Have questions or need answers on HIPAA/HITECH regulations.  Our FAQ page on HIPAA can be a good source to find answers to common questions.  Don’t find what you need or feel you need an answer tailored to your specific organization?  Benefit from our years of experience conducting IT security risk assessments in a wide variety of industries.  We are experts in assessments for compliance in healthcare and business associates doing business with healthcare organizations.

Email: experts@loricca.com

FAQ Page on HIPAA/HITECH Regulations Common Questions and Answers.
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