HIPAA View Self-Assessment

Flexibility of Self-Assessment
for Compliance with Confidence

HIPAA View Self-Assessment


Loricca’s new HIPAA View Self-Assessment application bundled services package provide data and documentation to help secure patient records, respond to cyber threats, and build your library of compliance.

The cost to purchase, install, learn, and manage sophisticated compliance tools can often be prohibitive. Loricca offers a customer-centric approach tailored to each healthcare organization’s individual needs.  

HIPAA View | Loricca

Loricca’s tiered approach to HIPAA View fits the size of:

  • Physician practices and health centers
  • Business associates and vendors
  • Small hospitals and organizations
  • Large hospitals and health systems


Experts at Loricca applied 12 years of experience performing risk assessments in healthcare IT to create the best set of tools for HIPAA Assessments. HIPAA View cuts through the clutter of other assessment tools to provide the capabilities needed for HIPAA compliance. With HIPAA View, there’s no need to be overwhelmed by complicated federal requirements.

View of Reporting

This application will help your staff:

  • Secure patient records
  • Identify organizational threats
  • Address non-compliant tasks
  • Build an inventory of useable information
  • Document and demonstrate compliance



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