Healthcare data breaches have a large impact on the companies that are attacked. Not only do they cause a financial crisis and upset, but also they also affect the reputation your company has built. See the statistics of healthcare data breach below and learn how you can keep your company protected by implementing an Incidence Response Plan.

Statistics of the Healthcare Data Breach

statistics of a healthcare data breach graphic

Incident Response Planning with Loricca

Incident Response Planning and Incident Response Plan Testing puts you one step ahead of an attack or incident. An incident response plan will outline clear steps for what your employees and vendors need to know immediately following a breach, and will clearly explain how to ensure operational continuity and involve legal counsel in the right way.

incident response planning with loricca

In the event of a breach, a well-documented and tested response plan can be a mitigating factor for compliance, regulatory or legal costs that may result. With a plan in place, you can have the peace of mind that comes with being proactive, as well as the reassurance that our team is prepared to act quickly if and when an incident arises.

Take steps for your organization today to avoid a data breach! Learn more about the components you need to create a comprehensive data protection plan that safeguards the data you handle and the patients you serve.

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Source: Ponemon Institutes 2019 Cost of Data Breach Study


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