Healthcare (HIPAA / HITECH)

Compliance is More than a ChecklistHealthcare Information Technology Security and Compliance

Is your organization confused about what is required to comply with the HIPAA and HITECH rules and regulations? Are you trying to understand how you can gain access to Meaningful Use Funds for remediation or the implementation of Electronic Health Records (EHR)? Are you looking for the “right” compliance solutions and support to solve your organization’s HIPAA, HITECH and EHR needs?

Loricca’s extensive experience can help your organization identify and implement the required security controls and safeguards to become HIPAA and HITECH compliant.  A HIPAA/HITECH Security Assessment and compliance gap analysis are the first steps in the process to determine where you are already compliant and identify areas that need to be addressed within your unique organizational and IT infrastructure. Once we have a clear picture of your structure and risks, our services are tailored to meet your specific needs and are delivered with minimal onsite time and as little disruption to your operations and staff as possible.  Depending on your unique needs, our consulting services may include:

Loricca knows the healthcare information technology business and is expert at identifying and implementing security controls required by HIPAA and HITECH to guard against unauthorized access and disclosure of protected data. We have had the privilege of providing services to a multitude of clients in the healthcare industry, focused on providing innovative solutions designed to achieve compliance while enhancing the overall security posture for:

Using experienced people, the best of breed tools, and proven methodology, Loricca can provide a thorough compliance assessment, implementation and remediation support, and ongoing security program management services for your healthcare organization.

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