IT Security Services for Law Firms


IT Security Services for Law FirmsIT Security Services for Law Firms and Their Corporate Clients

The HIPAA Omnibus Rule now requires compliance by all covered entities (CE) and business associates (BA). If your clients work within the healthcare industry, this law likely applies to them. If you are representing corporate clients within the healthcare industry, it may even apply to your firm.

The same can be said about many other government regulations that apply to your clients in various industries.

Serving the Security Needs of Law Firms

Your firm’s own records and sensitive client information may also be an enticing  prize for cyber-criminals and malicious hackers. It is critical to your own business continuity that internal systems and sensitive data are proactively managed. Loricca can assess the potential areas of risk to your firm’s own critical data and systems to design a program of technical and procedural controls to mitigate that risk and protect your firm.

Serving the Security Needs of the Firm’s Clients

For your clients, the benefit of confidentiality and attorney client privilege that they enjoy working with you can also apply to their IT security and risk assessment needs. Loricca partners with law firms like yours to provide our expert security and compliance services under the covering of attorney client privilege. As the company’s trusted legal counsel, our law firm partners maintain the client relationship and serve as guardians of any findings, results, or recommendations we provide to assist in whatever legal or regulatory action your client may encounter.

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