Retail / E-Commerce

Retail / E-Commerce

PCI DSS ComplianceOrganizations face many challenges in keeping customer information secure. Tools and tactics used by cyber criminals constantly evolve. Retail and eCommerce businesses must keep payment and personal data safe to maintain their customers’ trust.

When an organizations suffers a security breach resulting in the loss or theft of customer data, the breach can be compounded by negative publicity, damage to the brand, lost business, lawsuits, costly fines and the associated cost required to remedy the security situation that led to the breach.

For organizations that accept credit card payments as a part of their business, Loricca understands that compliance with the requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) can be challenging. Many organizations confuse being PCI compliant with their network’s security, and simply aren’t sure what they need to do to ensure they are both compliant and secure. Loricca has a solution to fit your organizations PCI compliance needs.

Loricca’s security and compliance solutions and methodologies are based on widely accepted industry standards, proven techniques and best-of-breed tools. Our certified professionals can help your organization understand the current state of compliance with applicable regulations. We can also identify where the company may be at risk for threats to materialize and vulnerabilities to be exploited.

We work hand-in-hand with our clients to define a clear and realistic path to achieving and maintaining compliance, while giving you the peace of mind to know that your data is secure. Loricca’s approach is designed to provide an actionable plan to guide our clients confidently toward attainable compliance and IT security “best practice” objectives.

Loricca provides a proven compliance practice methodology for strengthening an organization’s security posture, assessing and remediating compliance issues, developing appropriate documentation and facilitating knowledge transfer to the client staff.  We will also provide remediation recommendations along with their anticipated benefits to assist clients in setting appropriate priorities.

Loricca believes that no consultant is as familiar with an enterprise as the personnel who work within it, operate it and maintain it on a daily basis.  Therefore, Loricca seeks to leverage that knowledge to identify exposures (areas where you may be vulnerable) and specific vulnerabilities (the weaknesses that enable risks to occur), and build upon what your organization has already accomplished. Loricca’s approach will include reviewing/assessing individual components and security control areas necessary to determine compliance.   A summary of these control areas is included below.

Risk Management Policies and Procedures
Disaster Recovery Planning Business Impact Analysis
Information Security Program Security Event Management
Personnel Security Review Business Partner Contracts/Agreements
Technical Configuration Incident Response Procedures
Role-based Access Control Hardware / Software Security
Data Storage Media Security

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