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Unique requirements, technologies, and processes require specialized approaches to address the cybersecurity needs of your industry.  Cookie-cutter approaches to security don’t address the targeted threats your organization faces.  Since 2004 Loricca has been a leading provider of cybersecurity and risk management solutions.   Our team has the experience to bring best-of-breed solutions tailored to your organization’s needs.  


Cybersecurity is Patient Care – Healthcare leads the nation in security incidents and related costs of any industry.   HIPAA compliance and a robust cybersecurity program is achievable.   Loricca has strong experience in every area of Healthcare cybersecurity.  

Know and Manage Suppliers

Financial Services

The HIPAA Privacy Rule requires organizations to take reasonable steps to limit disclosure of ePHI to the minimum necessary. SIEM or log management systems handle the system-level monitoring, but monitoring users has been difficult if not impossible with available technology, resulting in unmanaged risk.

Cloud Security


Learn about our Cybersecurity Program, modeled after NIST Cybersecurity Framework, and uncover how to mitigate risks, prioritize compliance initiatives, increase awareness among staff and improve overall security in your organization.

Plan for the full lifecycle


Find out how our NIST-based Security Risk Assessments (HIPAAView®) protect your organization from cyber risks and vulnerabilities that threaten to compromise the integrity of your data and network data every day.

Device manufacturing

Learn how Remediation Management can help you manage business-critical or protected information within your environment to reveal and address vulnerabilities before it’s too late.

Cloud Providers

Explore our C-SCRM process, which involves minimal disruption to your operation and adheres to a proven methodology to identify supply chain threats, vulnerabilities and risks facing your organization.

Federal Government

Explore our Security Testing process, which involves minimal disruption to your operation and adheres to a proven methodology to identify threats, vulnerabilities and risks facing your organization’s network.

Incident Response Planning

Incident Preparedness

Be prepared for the worst, knowing that cyberattacks are on the rise. An Incident Response Plan documents your immediate actions following a breach, helping minimize financial, physical, and operational loss.

OCR Audit Readiness

Learn how our Regulatory Compliance services and solutions help you determine what’s addressable, required and not required under certain circumstances for your industry.

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