Provide Risk Assessment & IT Security Services for Your Firm’s Clients

Provide Risk Assessment & IT Security Services for Your Firm’s Clients

Provide Risk Assessment & IT Security Services for Your Firm’s Clients

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The HIPAA & HITECH Compliance Maze

Loricca, Inc. was pleased to be a sponsor of the recent AHLA Health IT event held in Baltimore.  We have shared our IT Risk Assessment services with many who were in attendance and now we are excited to make this information available to you as well.

Loricca has worked with law firms across the country to conduct security compliance risk assessments. With the benefit of attorney-client privilege, you can also offer these services to your clients.   

As you know, the HIPAA Omnibus Rule now requires compliance by all covered entities (CE) and business associates (BA) – which includes many of your clients and likely even applies to your firm. We work with law firms like yours to offer valuable risk assessment and IT security services to assess and mitigate risk, prioritize compliance initiatives, and improve overall security to protect sensitive business-critical data.

Benefits for Your Clients

  • Confidentiality of the attorney-client privilege is maintained and covers our compliance Findings and Recommendations Report.
  • Clients satisfy HIPAA Risk Assessment requirements and identify compliance gaps for remediation.
  • Clients receive expert answers to HIPAA Security Compliance questions and technical assistance with remediation.
  • Clients become aware of threats, vulnerabilities, and can mitigate security risks to help prevent a data breach.
  • Clients can demonstrate due diligence and show that they have an active Risk Management and Compliance Program.

Benefits for Your Firm

  • You offer added value to your clients by providing complementary security services.
  • You provide additional billable time/services to your clients as you review our deliverables prior to submission to the client.
  • You retain the client relationship.
  • You have the opportunity to advise clients as threats are detected and appropriate next steps are identified. (i.e. updating Security Policies and Procedures)

Contact us today to learn how we can work together for your clients.

For more about our Risk Assessments and other IT Security services, you can also visit or use this form to contact us.
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