Managed Cloud Security

The use of cloud services is growing rapidly, and businesses need new ways to optimize their cloud investments.

managed cloud security

Improve Business Outcomes

Managing a cloud platform alone is a complex and time-consuming endeavor. Additionally, it becomes more complicated when businesses lack the expertise and resources to manage their cloud infrastructure.

Loricca’s Managed Cloud Services

At Loricca, we understand the value of cloud computing. We will help you overcome these challenges by providing a team of experts to manage your cloud infrastructure, optimize resources, and ensure security and compliance. In addition, we’ve dedicated resources and technology to provide our customers with the most reliable and efficient end-to-end cloud solution available.

Managed Cloud Services Include:


Cloud Migration

Businesses often find many obstacles to successfully migrating to the cloud on their own. Usually, this is due to a lack of understanding of how to operate effectively in a cloud environment. Our experts will help you seamlessly migrate your applications and data to the cloud with minimal downtime and disruption.


Cloud Optimization

We understand that every application and workload’s needs for infrastructure are unique and can evolve. We will help you optimize your cloud performance, reduce costs, and improve your business’ ROI.


Cloud Management

Preventing a problem is always better than resolving one later. Our certified cloud experts will manage your cloud infrastructure and monitor your performance 24/7. Internal IT teams and businesses of all sizes can benefit from our cloud management services. In addition, we can help to ensure that your IT infrastructure is safe and running efficiently.


Cloud Security and Compliance

Our managed cloud services help businesses every day ensure their cloud infrastructure is secure and compliant. We identify potential vulnerabilities and threats, implement security measures to mitigate risk and ensure that your business complies with industry regulations and standards such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, ect.



As the global managed services market continues to grow, most organizations aren’t asking whether cloud infrastructure and applications make sense, but rather, what processes and additional resources are needed to move forward and how the transition can be completed efficiently and with the right expertise.

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On-Demand Expertise

Guaranteed access to experienced and qualified resources with deep knowledge in your area of expertise who will provide strategic guidance and implement processes so you can harness the full power of your IT infrastructure.


We are serious about your security. Our cloud solutions protect your data, applications, and infrastructure from cyber threats.


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With our managed cloud services, you’ll have access to the tools you need when you need them. Additionally, you’ll save money on hardware, maintenance, and upgrades.

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Our managed cloud services grow with your business. With guaranteed 99.9% uptime, you can access your data and applications whenever you need them.

IT issues are frustrating and disruptive. When you remove the conflicts, technology becomes an asset, and your company operates more efficiently. Loricca’s end-to-end Managed Cloud Services allow you to work smarter, not harder. We’ve helped hundreds of companies achieve peace of mind with their cloud computing needs. Focus on growing your business today.

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