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Improve Your Organization’s Threat Detection, Response, and Prevention Capabilities with Loricca’s Managed Security Operation Center

managed security operations center

We understand cybersecurity threats are becoming more sophisticated and frequent. That’s why we are here to work with your team to help you overcome cybersecurity threat detection and response challenges.

Loricca’s Managed SOC Services use cutting-edge technology and advanced techniques to detect, investigate, and respond to protection security incidents—providing you with the highest level of security protection for your business. Our continuous monitoring and protection can detect real-time cybersecurity events and address them as quickly and effectively as possible to ensure your crucial assets are safe. 

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We have extensive experience responding to security incidents for businesses of all sizes and across industries. Schedule a complimentary consultation and learn how we can partner with your organization.

medical device security

Benefit 1

A Start-Up company providing medical devices and services for home-based healthcare.   The current in-house team didn’t have the time or experience to write policies and build a HIPAA compliance program.  

Our team of experts:

  • Developed Security and Privacy policies for HIPAA compliance
  • Provided monthly updates on security roadmap
  • Software and network architecture reviews
  • Penetration testing
  • Conducted knowledge transfer 

They can now demonstrate compliance to customers and be confident their data is secure.

Benefit 2

Software company going to market with a robust patient engagement platform needed to establish a HIPAA & GDPR compliance program from the ground up.

Our team of experts

  • Developed the Compliance Program from scratch
  • Managed key vendors
  • Provided all compliance program documentation
  • Technical architecture reviews and security testing
  • Supported Sales activities

Our customer can now demonstrate compliance to customers and investors.  



Medical Technology Display

Benefit 3

Our customer was a small rural hospital.  They had an unstable IT environment and the compliance program was lacking material requirements, both of which were impacting patient care.

Our team of experts

  • Developed Security and Privacy policies
  • Provided monthly status updates
  • Communicated with the Board and Public
  • Developed the compliance program
  • Assisted with technology decisions and implementations

This hospital has significantly reduced system downtimes and has a strong compliance program.  They have successfully weathered the loss of critical staff and environmental disasters while maintaining patient care standards.

Threat Detection and Response

Security Incident Management

Compliance Management

Threat Intelligence

Reporting & Analytics

Our Managed SOC Services include:


Threat Detection and Response:

Advanced threat detection tools identify potential security threats in real-time. Whether it’s an endpoint, server, or cloud-based resource, with continuous, around-the-clock security monitoring, our SOC team of experts oversees your entire IT infrastructure 24/7, ensuring suspicious activity is identified and addressed immediately. Having a team to respond quickly to incidents significantly minimizes the impact of security breaches.


Compliance Management:

Understanding relevant regulations and standards such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and others is critical. We assist with your compliance by implementing and monitoring the necessary controls and evidence of compliance for regulatory bodies and auditors.


Reporting and Analytics:

No business can predict the future, especially concerning cyber threats. However, deploying security analytics and reporting tools makes it possible to detect a threat before it occurs. Our SOC experts provide regular reports and insights on your security posture, including threats detected, incident responses, and overall security trends. As a result, we help you make informed decisions to ensure your IT infrastructure is always up-to-date.


Security Incident Management:

The ability to support security incidents from the start of an investigation to containment, eradication, and finally, recovery can have a significant impact on your organization in terms of cost, productivity, and reputation. Our SOC experts will partner with your team to develop and implement a customized incident response plan to minimize the impact of any security incidents.


Threat Intelligence:

Any number of cyber threats can bring your organization down. Threat intelligence offers up-to-date threat information to help you stay ahead of emerging cyber threats. We use advanced technologies and techniques to analyze and identify potential threats. Additionally, we work with your team to provide actionable recommendations to protect your business. After all, targeted threats require a targeted defense. Threat intelligence delivers the capability to defend proactively.


Loricca’s Managed SOC Services offer you peace of mind knowing that your business is protected by a team of security experts. Contact us today to learn more about our Managed SOC Services.

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