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Minimize the Rising Costs of Insurance in the Age of Cybercrime

The rapid transformation of digital technology is creating new challenges within the insurance industry. Companies must evolve and adapt to meet the needs of their clients by leveraging new technologies to stay competitive. However, cyberattacks are becoming...

6 Benefits of Managed Cloud Services

As the global managed services market continues to grow, most organizations aren’t asking whether cloud infrastructure and applications make sense, but rather, what processes and additional resources are needed to move forward and how the transition can be completed...

What is a SIEM, and Why Do I Need One?

A significant increase in integrated technology over the past 20 years has provided a few operational challenges for many large and small enterprises. Complex systems today need to work together seamlessly to do more at a faster pace and with a lower cost to operate....

Zero Trust: Protecting Assets Across Your Entire Enterprise

With cybercrime disrupting business activity every 40 seconds, the focus on global security is on the rise. A cyberattack’s frequency, sophistication, and cost can cripple some of the most reputable companies. Yet, according to IBM’s cost of a Data Breach Report 2021,...

Managed Security Services

Our security and compliance team at Loricca has extensive knowledge and experience to help you navigate today’s cybersecurity landscape. We will work with you to understand your business strategy, and we will develop a strategic plan to effectively deploy a platform and solution that is both cost-effective and will meet security and compliance regulations.

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