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After a HIPAA Breach: Documenting and Reporting

In the first two installments of this series discussing the next steps HIPAA regulated organizations must take after a security breach. So far, we have looked at: Who is Required to Report a Breach? When Do You Need to Report a Breach? Next, let’s discuss what is to...

How Much Will a Healthcare Data Breach Cost Your Company?

Healthcare data breaches have a large impact on the companies that are attacked. Not only do they cause a financial crisis and upset, but also they also affect the reputation your company has built. See the statistics of healthcare data breach below and learn how you...

Four Steps to Prevent Anarchyware

Background: Just a few months ago, in an office far from the U.S. mainland, a contractor clicked open a seemingly innocuous email and it began. Senior management at a well-known company awoke to their worst nightmare: systems all over their network infrastructure were...

Managed Security Services

Our security and compliance team at Loricca has extensive knowledge and experience to help you navigate today’s cybersecurity landscape. We will work with you to understand your business strategy, and we will develop a strategic plan to effectively deploy a platform and solution that is both cost-effective and will meet security and compliance regulations.