Medical device security

Medical device security has been a challenge; balancing the clinical needs, IT requirements and vendor often leaves security short.   Loricca has combined IT best practices with recommendations from the FDA, FTC and HHS to develop a comprehensive program for managing medical device security.


    Loricca’s medical device security program help balance clinical needs with that of biomedical, IT and the vendor to enhance security and patient safety.   The rapidly changing medical device environment changes faster than the underlying infrastructure can adapt.   This requires a flexible security framework integrated with the overall IT security program.    Failing to address medical device security can increase exposure to cyber attacks and adversely impact patient care.

    Healthcare providers face many challenges related to medical device security.   Whether its limited visibility, patching, or vendor support these devices can stay in the network for longer than optimum.  Add in the conflicting guidance from the FDA and other regulating bodies the challenges to security can be significant.  Regardless, if the device has exposure to ePHI than it must comply with HIPAA and not just the FDA.   Loricca helps clinical and security teams identify the associated risks and develop a comprehensive medical device security program. 


    Loricca’s Medical Device Security Program will provide the analysis needed to identify areas of risk and implement a security program delivering confidence in the security of medical devices.   Services under this program include:   

    1. a technical assessment of specific or organizational medical devices,
    2. vulnerability testing of select medical device and associated network controls,
    3. program assessment – to evaluate the overall security controls and gaps in the current management practices,
    4. development of a management strategy to remediate gaps and address security challenges.


    • Assesses your organizations IT security infrastructure
    • Discusses your plans for future growth or expansion
    • Determines the right mix of products and services
    • Recommends products objectively and agnostically
    • Considers your industry, cost and need for results



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