Microsoft’s “Patch Tuesday” Turns 10 Years Old!

Today marks the 10th anniversary (birthday) of Microsoft Corporation’s “Patch Tuesday”, which is a regular event started in 2003 to make the software updating process a standardized process.  Though a regular practice now in the Software Development field, updating was done on an “as needed” basis with no set regularity or schedule.

Patch Tuesday Turns 10!This was a new way at looking at things in 2003 when security updates were applied sporadically as Microsoft identified a vulnerability in the security of the system.  Once a major breach was discovered the developers at Microsoft worked as quickly as possible to mitigate the breach and then blast out the new security patch to ALL users at one time.

This made the life of an IT professional extremely frustrating since there was no way to know when the next patch was being released.  Once the patch was released, it was commonly a MAD DASH by the IT administrator to install the new patch as pressure was applied from both sides. (Microsoft to test the patch, and the Corporate side to protect their sensitive data) This is why Patch Tuesday is so important and groundbreaking.

Since its inception, Patch Tuesday has been a great addition the schedules of IT administrators around the world.  Now they could schedule security updates allowing them time to prepare for the patches.  Microsoft also released some of the tension for itself by dedicating more resources to the security end of the software they provide.

patch tuesdayMicrosoft’s Chief Executive Steve Ballmer was quoted in 2003 : “That predictability is something you and our customers have highlighted to us we need to do, because people are feeling like they have to drop everything and deploy every patch at all times.” and predictable they became.  What now seems like the norm was not standard policy and procedure only 10 years ago.

Microsoft has applied this methodology to all aspects of their business in the following years and has reaped many a benefit from listening to the real users of their products and consistently working to meet the needs of those who rely on their products the most for application security and reliability.

We would like to wish “Patch Tuesday” a Happy 10th Anniversary (Birthday) and just say that we are thankful that we now live in a scheduled IT Security Updated world!

If you or your IT Staff do not know about “Patch Tuesday” you may need some help with the overall security of your system.  Loricca provides IT Security and Compliance Solutions to safeguard your confidential and business critical information, minimize risk, and keep your organization secure and compliant. To speak with one of our IT Security Experts, please CONTACT US today for more information.

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