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Imitation phishing campaigns have a realistic look and feel, and can be deployed in increments to keep employees on their toes.

In the present landscape, social engineering attacks are widespread and on the rise. The weakest link in a company’s security defense is often the human element. Our phishing testing solution enables you to effortlessly carry out simulated phishing attacks, allowing you to assess employees’ security awareness as a crucial aspect of your comprehensive security training program.

Red envelope with a fishhook through it for phishing simulation

What the Phishing Simulation

Provides for You

  • The ability to create your own phishing kits to reflect the unique threats you want to train on.
  • Fast, automated end-user and group onboarding and management, campaign scheduling and reporting.
  • The usage of your own domain name to send training and phishing simulation emails with our Custom Domains feature.
  • Easy-to-read reporting that clearly demonstrates the value of security awareness training and risk mitigation.
  • Workflow integrations to save time and increase efficiency.

You can quickly and conveniently schedule your training and phishing simulation up to a year in advance.

An estimated 90% of security breaches are caused by human error. You can reduce your organization’s chance of experiencing an email-related disaster by up to 70%.

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