Healthcare Industry Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware attacks targeting healthcare organizations are an increasingly regular occurrence. Large-scale hospital
cyberattacks continue to affect thousands of healthcare consumers, disrupt critical everyday activities, damage reputations
and cause financial loss.

With the rising adoption of EHRs, mobile devices and BYOD efforts, healthcare providers of all sizes are left more vulnerable
than in years past. But by prioritizing data security and establishing a framework for developing and revisiting protection
strategies, organizations can take steps today to better serve their healthcare communities tomorrow.

Use These Services to Protect Against Ransomware

If you’re not sure which services you need to improve your cybersecurity stance, talk with a HIPAA compliance specialist or an
IT security provider that can assess and explain your most pressing areas of risk and available options.

Cybersecurity Program Strategy

Build and maintain a security program which appropriately identifies and addresses real risks to your organization. Proactively address internal and external cyberattacks and possible threats with an in-depth assessment of your current cybersecurity program. Build, and maintain your IT security environment, including organizational structure, training programs, employee cybersecurity practices, IT policies and more. You can learn directly from the experts what you’re doing right and what gaps you still need to fill and establish a comprehensive security roadmap.

Managed Security

Bring in the professionals to help make big IT security management decisions and provide confidence that your organization is addressing its cybersecurity responsibilities. Beginning with a strategic security roadmap to remove the guesswork and surprises Loricca will assist your team in building and maintaining a secure and compliance environment. Objective guidance and technology agnostic recommendations, Loricca will provide the necessary services to monitor and enforce established security standards.

Incident Response Planning

In addition to regular testing of your security systems, you’ll need to test your team. How will you respond to a cybercrime event at your organization if one occurs? Especially for healthcare organizations, cyberattacks can cause reputation damages, leave customers without services and throw time and money down the drain. An incident response plan can help reduce the damage of an attack, enabling operational continuity, minimizing financial and physical loss and collaborating with legal counsel to handle things the right way and report a breach as required.

Cloud Security Management

Whether its Azure, Google, or Amazon Web Services (AWS) migrating to the cloud can be a maze and introduce significant risk. Many organizations are migrating to the cloud, but not prepared to address a whole new set of security challenges. Let our experienced team guide you through the best ways to utilize these resources while staying compliant and secure. Integrate the cloud resources with your current architecture and develop new ways to meet requirements.

HIPAA Security Risk Assessment

Cyber risks and enforcement actions continue to grow in Healthcare. With cloud computing, mobile devices, EHRs and other advanced technology in the hands of health professionals, more organizations in the industry are witnessing first-hand the effects of cyberattacks like ransomware. A HIPAA security risk assessment identifies risks and provides guidance to mitigate risk to keep your organization safe and HIPAA Compliant.

Network Vulnerability Testing

Missing software updates is a leading factor in breaches and is a trigger for OCR audits for organizations subject to HIPAA. Periodically testing your IT network allows you to implement new safeguards that protect crucial business operations and information from cyber threats. Conducting network testing once a year is not enough in today’s world of skilled hackers and evolving technology. With frequent testing, you can check the status of your network, certify your infrastructure is updated and compliant and bolster your IT security plan to prevent costly issues.

Penetration Testing

Ethical hacking has become the standard for testing the effectiveness of your security controls and assessing how your organization will hold up to modern data attacks. Our ethical hacker will execute a coordinated examination of target systems using actual hacker behavior, tools and techniques utilizing manual and automated security tools. The report will highlight vulnerabilities and potential data exposure issues that need immediate attention.

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

Outsource compliance and information security management to ease the budget and ensure your organization is protected by the professionals. Virtual CISO services give you access to a scalable security team that can handle HIPAA compliance and IT Security to supplement and guide your existing team.

Security Risk Assessment

What areas of your organization are vulnerable to insider threats, social engineering, and external hackers? Our team of experts will review the threats you face, identify the weaknesses and advise on the steps to take to prevent a breach. A Loricca risk assessment of your organization will deliver a detailed report with actionable findings and the specific guidance necessary to build a strong security program.

Data Security

Do you know where your business-critical data is? Protect your organization with eDiscovery to locate business-critical and confidential data (PHI, PCI, PII) within your IT systems. Highlight gaps in your protection plan and remedy vulnerabilities by encrypting, shredding, redacting or quarantining that information. Keep track of employee access and block unauthorized users by establishing and then enforcing strong access control measures.

Vendor Risk Management

HHS breach data shows vendors are responsible for over 1/3 of all HIPAA breaches. Identify and manage risks introduced by your organization’s vendors. Our program provides vendor assessments, monitoring and documentation of vendor risks through the full life-cycle. Remove the uncertainty and let our team monitor your vendors compliance and security.

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Basic Ransomware Protection Tips

The devastating effects of ransomware should not be underestimated, which is why investing in professional ransomware

protection services is the best line of defense for organizations today, regardless of their size. In addition to partnering with

a ransomware service provider, smart business leaders implement these basic protection measures.

•   Educate and train employees to recognize malicious intent and report suspicious content

•   Develop and test contingency and backup plans, reviewing and updating quarterly

•   Leverage threat intelligence in an overall security management plan

•   Institute segmented networks to limit attack exposure and prevent spreading

•   Patch known vulnerabilities in applications and systems and update anti-malware software

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Loricca is a HIPAA compliance provider specializing in security risk assessments that keep healthcare organizations
and their vendors compliant and protected from the cybersecurity risks of today and tomorrow. We do this by
delivering streamlined risk assessments with specific findings supported by credible letters of attestation, fast and
responsive service and an experienced team.

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