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Remediation Management

Remediation of Risk Assessment findings can leave you scratching your head.  What are your next steps to address the issues? How do you prioritize? What are the “Required” vs. “Addressable”?

HIPAA requires Risk Assessments to be conducted, but most Risk Assessments don’t provide remediation strategies.  We tackle remediation activity holistically, from end to end, beginning with identifying risks and moving to mitigating risks.

Recently, the majority of fines issued by HHS have been under the “Willful Neglect” HIPAA violation category.  Willful Neglect means conscious, intentional failure or reckless indifference to the obligation to comply with HIPAA where there has been untimely or no attempt to correct known issues.

Don’t fall into the “Willful Neglect” violation category by not addressing risks. Be proactive and contact us to assist with your remediation efforts.


Loricca’s security experts will prioritize, implement, and execute a Remediation plan to provide compliance with confidence.

  • Risk-based, Outcome-focused Remediation plan
    • Document Deficiencies
    • Evaluate and prioritize remediation efforts based on risk appetite
    • Implement measures to fix security gaps with new tools/processes
    • Develop new procedures and policies
    • Maintain risk management records
    • Build security baseline standards
  • Manage Remediation activities
  • Security Roadmap for the future

See Loricca’s OCR Audit Readiness services if you want to know if you are ready for your next regulatory audit.

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