Incident Response 101: Where Notification Requirements May Differ from HIPAA

In our recent series of articles answering the key questions about what notifications steps HIPAA regulated organizations must take after a security breach, we have looked at: Who is Required to Report a Breach? When Do You Need to Report a Breach?  What Must Be Reported Following a Breach? To wrap up this topic, we … Continued

Do the Apps on Your Phone Know Too Much About You?

I have read that most of us only use 7-10 apps on our phones. The vast majority of the time, when we are on our mobile devices, we are using one of our go-to apps. I just counted 57 apps installed on my phone and, honestly, when I just looked to count, I didn’t even … Continued

Incident Response 101: When Do You Need to Report a Breach?

In Part One of this series of articles discussing the basic considerations of Incident Response best practices, we began with understanding who is required to report a security incident to regulatory authorities, government agencies, or consumers/patients. In Part Two, we review when an incident must be reported. In future articles we will also consider what is to … Continued

Protect Your Company’s “Whales” from Email Fraud and Cybercrime

We have warned many times about the dangers of “phishing” scams. Cyber criminals try to trick people into revealing key personal or financial information or into clicking a link that will take them to a malware site where their system can be compromised and accessed to allow the hacker access to all sorts of valuable … Continued

Your Cyber Security Hat Trick

Even after the Tampa Bay Lightning won the Stanley Cup in 2004, many people still seem surprised that there’s hockey in Florida – great hockey! Hockey in Tampa Bay, where Loricca is based, is a big deal.  From the little guys through high school and, of course, the Bolts. We don’t really understand why, when … Continued

Ransomware And Healthcare

Is your healthcare organization at risk? Ransomware is not going away in 2017—Life Threatening to the Healthcare Industry. Previously: “The Reality of Ransomware in 2016” Ransomware in 2017 is a sophisticated type of malware that is persistently targeting the healthcare industry.  Reports indicate that attacks are growing at a shocking rate and the tools used … Continued

Incident Response 101: Who is Required to Report a Breach?

We know you have questions. In Part One of a planned series of articles to look at the basic considerations of Incident Response best practices, let’s start with understanding who is required to report a security incident to regulatory authorities, government agencies, or consumers/patients. In follow-up articles, we will also review when an incident must … Continued

Trouble Remembering Your Password? Try Singing It!

If you are responsible for training employees about security within your company, you probably have run into a disconnect between the need for secure passwords and the reality of the passwords being used. Maybe even within your own department, you know that passwords may not be as strong or changed as regularly as they should.   Knowing why something we should do … Continued

The Reality of Ransomware in 2016

By all accounts, 2016 is shaping up to be the Year of Ransomware. Of course, ransomware is nothing new. Many people may still think of ransomware as the annoying pop up we have probably all seen at some point or another throughout the last decade – the fake FBI warning locking you out of your … Continued

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