Incident Response 101: Who is Required to Report a Breach?

We know you have questions. In Part One of a planned series of articles to look at the basic considerations of Incident Response best practices, let’s start with understanding who is required to report a security incident to regulatory authorities, government agencies, or consumers/patients. In follow-up articles, we will also review when an incident must … Continued

Trouble Remembering Your Password? Try Singing It!

If you are responsible for training employees about security within your company, you probably have run into a disconnect between the need for secure passwords and the reality of the passwords being used. Maybe even within your own department, you know that passwords may not be as strong or changed as regularly as they should.   Knowing why something we should do … Continued

The Reality of Ransomware in 2016

By all accounts, 2016 is shaping up to be the Year of Ransomware. Of course, ransomware is nothing new. Many people may still think of ransomware as the annoying pop up we have probably all seen at some point or another throughout the last decade – the fake FBI warning locking you out of your … Continued

Long Awaited HIPAA Round Two Audits Have Begun

Announced in the spring of 2014, scheduled to begin in late 2014, OCR announced this week that a second round of HIPAA Audits (following the original 2012 audits) has finally begun. I have written over the last two years that audits were imminent. I admit it felt like crying wolf at one point. But my insistence all along … Continued

Smartphone Security And Privacy Settings

Most of us could not live today without our smart phones. If we had to, we would be much less productive; some of us might face very real business and financial (if not psychological) repercussions. We don’t even want to think about it. Apple Resists the Feds in Ongoing Privacy Debate But as ingrained in … Continued

Solve Your Trickiest Compliance and Cyber Security Problems

So much is written and discussed about cyber security and compliance today. It can be overwhelming and even discouraging when it seems there is a never ending list of threats and regulatory demands on your organization. Doing everything you think you need to do or would like to do is impossible.  At least today, all … Continued

Security Tips for Business Travel

As you gear up for a productive 2016, while you are focused on getting to the next meeting or seeing the next client, realize cyber criminals could be focused on you. Plan now to stay safe on your next trip. If your job is to facilitate travel (logistically, technically, or managerially) for your employees, share … Continued

Looking Forward to an Exciting New Year for Cybersecurity

Standing on the verge of another New Year, it is a tremendous time to work in IT Security. For several years, most of our clients have been primarily motivated by compliance concerns to implement and document best practices for securing critical data and systems against hackers, theft, and loss. Approaching 2016, I sense a shift in understanding … Continued

Stay Safe Shopping Online

With high profile breaches in the news regularly, consumers have an increased awareness of online dangers and the constantly evolving tactics of cyber criminals out to steal their data. But does this heightened awareness translate to more secure online habits? Too often, old habits are hard to break, convenience trumps security, or people simply succumb … Continued

Retailers and Consumers Face Holiday Shopping Risks

With the holiday shopping season in full swing, security experts, retailers and shoppers alike face the coming weeks with vivid memories of the Target holiday breach two years ago and the series of hacks and data theft we have seen since. It comes down to each of us to be on alert and to be … Continued

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