Mobile Security Toolkit

Managing, Controlling and Securing Mobile Devices

Mobile Device SecurityWhile mobile technology has increased employee productivity and contributes to greater return on investment (ROI), organizations must understand the risks associated with mobile devices.

Inherent risks range from human error (whether innocent, careless, or malicious)  to technology and architecture issues with the device or tools.

To benefit from the operational efficiencies gained from mobile device usage, organizations should implement controls to mitigate any associated risk.

To manage, control and secure the devices used within your organization, you must address these 7 areas:

A written security policy should specifically address mobile devices and should include:

  • Rules for appropriate physical and logical handling
  • Controls pertaining to device usage, specifying the type of information, the kind of devices and the type of information services that may be accessible through the devices.


“Mobile Security Tools” Devices should be safeguarded against malicious code by:

  • Scanning apps and other programs/data
  • Antivirus software installed and updated regularly

All data labeled as sensitive should be properly secured while in transit or at rest.

The user should connect to the corporate network via a secure connection, and sensitive information should be adequately protected as per corporate policy.

There should be an asset management process in place for tracking mobile devices. It should include procedures for lost and stolen devices and terminated employees.

The configuration must include limiting access to sensitive data by disabling data synchronization features that can access shared files or network drives that contain data prohibited for mobile use.

Ongoing awareness training should be in place to address physical and logical security of mobile devices. This should include identifying types of information being stored on mobile devices.

How Loricca Can Help

Loricca’s team of security experts can help your organization bring all the pieces together to safeguard your sensitive data, maintain compliance, and protect the security of your network while enjoying the productivity and freedom mobile devices allow for your employees.

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