Incident Response Planning

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Incident Response Plan

Loricca’s Incident Response services are customized to each client’s needs and current threat environment. If you are not currently experiencing a threat, intrusion, or data loss,you have the luxury of advanced planning. Taking this time to create a comprehensive plan can be the difference between unpleasant and                             unrecoverable or even catastrophic.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning

Loricca’s Business Continuity Planning (BCP) service helps to prevent interruptions and expedite a return to complete business functionality as efficiently and smoothly as possible after a security incident. Effective BCP includes Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) and thorough Business Impact Analysis (BIA).


Incident Response PlanningInvestigation and Remediation    

If your organizations is facing potential regulatory action or litigation, Loricca’s incident investigation support can help you understand how the breach occurred, where the data was lost, and how to effectively approach remediation to regain compliance quickly.

Managed Threat Detection

The need for high-priced Emergency Incident Response services can be mitigated with a preemptive log management and threat detection system like Loricca’s Vantage. Using powerful, cutting edge technology, we work with clients to customize and implement tools that provide real-time data intelligence and the confidence of knowing you are ready to catch and capable of responding to potential threats to your data.  Advanced planning and a quick response are keys to effectively managing a data breach or security incident. Loricca offers customized services and tools to help you prepare, respond and recover from any security incident you may encounter.

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