HIPAA Security Risk Assessment

Is your organization at risk?


HIPAA Security Risk Assessment

Prepare your Organization with Loricca’s HIPAA Security Risk Assessment

Compromised sensitive information is one of the biggest threats to any organization. In fact, federal regulations require periodic HIPAA security risk assessment for every healthcare organization that accesses patient information.

Loricca’s security risk assessment is an easy way to determine if your organization (and your partners) meets 2017 HIPAA requirements. Our risk assessments satisfy federal compliance requirements and reduce cyber threats to an organization’s network.

Risk Assessment Methodology

  • Identify an organization’s compliance
  • Provide vulnerability analysis and network penetration testing
  • Document threats and vulnerabilities 
  • Review existing corporate policy and procedures
  • Review disaster recovery plans and business continuity plans
  • Provide detailed recommendations with prioritized next steps

Loricca’s Risk Assessment report stands apart from competitors as the most comprehensive, understandable, and user-friendly. With prioritized next steps, Loricca’s report is ready to be presented to board members, company executives, and IT experts alike. This “Findings and Recommendations” report provides actionable data – thoroughly explained and documented in charts, graphs, and lists – for clear understanding and support.

A HIPAA security risk assessment is the first step toward achieving regulatory compliance with confidence and protecting your organization’s data and information.  Whether you’re concerned about 2017 HIPAA compliance or completing a periodic review – speak with Loricca’s experts to learn more. Loricca’s experts have advised hundreds of healthcare organizations. Be safe, not sorry, and safeguard your organization.

HIPAA Security Risk Assessment ReportsLoricca’s team works to…

  • Identify security risks
  • Ensure patient privacy
  • Help you stay compliant

Meet HIPAA Regulatory Requirements

Federal regulations are not always clear or easy to follow.  This can be overwhelming for some organizations, and the consequences – including fines and lawsuits – are steep for non-compliance. Loricca has experience in understanding these complex regulations and can help identify potential issues, while the organization’s employees remain focused on their day-to-day priorities.

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