HIPAA Security Risk Assessment

Compliance with Confidence

Compliance is more than a checklist – Loricca’s security risk assessment will determine if your organization (and your partners) meets 2017 HIPAA requirements.  Our risk assessments satisfy federal compliance requirements and reduce cyber threats to your organization’s network.  The regulations are not always easy to follow and often are overwhelming for some organizations.  We take out the guesswork and ensure you are provided with a comprehensive assessment providing confidence that your organization is compliant.

  • Identify your organization’s complianceRisk Assessment Methodology
  • Provide vulnerability analysis and network penetration testing
  • Document threats and vulnerabilities 
  • Review existing corporate policy and procedures
  • Review disaster recovery plans and business continuity plans
  • Provide detailed recommendations with prioritized next steps

Customer-sized Approach to Security Risk Assessments

A risk assessment needs to be customized for your organization and associates.  One size does not fit all.  The actual HIPAA regulations leave considerable latitude for individual organizations to meet compliance standards.  Loricca’s team of experienced experts takes the mystery out of what it needed for your organization to be compliant.  By following a NIST based approach we ensure that the assessment covers all the necessary elements without any unnecessary burdens to your personnel and resources.

Our risk assessment methodology has been developed over hundreds of assessments has withstood government audits.

Clear, Actionable reporting

Loricca stands apart from competitors providing the most comprehensive, understandable, and user-friendly risk assessment report.  With prioritized next steps, Loricca’s report is ready to be presented to leadership at all levels of the organization.  The “Findings & Recommendations” report provides actionable data-thoroughly explained and documented in charts, graphs and lists for clear understanding and support justification.


We liked the one-to-one explanation and time spent with leadership and management to understand the assessment process and explanation of the outcomes.”

Compliance Officer, Community Health Center 

View of Reporting

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Compliance with Confidence